What TPMs Do and What Software Engineers Can Learn From Them

February 19, 2022


Great read with lots of amazing information.

The section “Working with TPMs as engineers and EMs” is particularly interesting.

Don’t forget what’s in it for you as an engineering manager or engineer, in working with a TPM. By being able to work with a TPM, you have someone who worries – and takes care of – the project being shipped across multiple teams. This means you can spend more time on your own work and less time worrying about other teams.

If there is conflict between teams on which approach to take, TPMs can facilitate a discussion in a neutral way and help drive a decision that is the right answer for the project, as well as communicate the decision outcome and help the teams with resourcing to accomplish it. Their facilitation of the discussion might lead to less tension than if one of the teams in the disagreement were to take the lead.

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