TBM 274: How Capable Leaders Navigate Uncertainty and Ambiguity

March 08, 2024


Amazing post containing data about what feels like a very humane / empathetic leadership approach to navigating unknown / uncertainty.

It is putting complex concepts into easily understandable words. It really helps turn approaches I have observed and value a lot into into an actionable list.

Really a treasure chest of tips.

  • Accept We Are Part of the Problem
  • Encourage New Interaction Patterns
  • Patient Divergence
  • Identify Plausible Contributors / Multiple “Causes”
  • Power of the Present
  • Blend Diverse Perspectives
  • Patience and Self-Repair
  • Anticipate Effects
  • Curiosity and Light Touch
  • Both/And
  • Intervene Safely
  • Abduction and Intuition
  • Accept Diverse Strengths and Skills
  • Collaboratively Sense and Shape
  • Coherence vs. Alignment
  • Plant Seeds—Watch Them Grow
  • Tailor Ways of Working
  • Facing Uncertainty

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