Fred's ImageMagick Scripts

March 24, 2018


  • tshirt- Transforms an image to place it in a region of a tshirt image

  • tileimage - Tiles an image to a given size with various tile arrangements.

  • shadows - Applies drop shadows to an image.

  • grid - Superimposes a set of horizontal and/or vertical grid lines on an image.

  • lupe - Applies a magnifying glass effect in a local area of an image.

  • multicrop - Crops and unrotates multiple images from a scanned image.

  • peelingpaint - Applies a peeling paint effect to an image.

  • picframe - Adds a picture frame around an image.

  • picturefold - Applies a map-like folded appearance to an image.

  • PINBARREL - Corrects or applies pincushion and/or barrel lens distortion to an image.

  • PUZZLE - Applies a puzzle like effect to an image.

  • RANDOMCLIPART - Randomly distributes clip art over the image.

From a comment on [HN](

  • SKETCH - Applies a sketch effect to an image. SMARTCROP - Automatically crops an image to a given size around the hightest detail region.

  • TILER - Converts an image into a tilable texture.

  • UNPERSPECTIVE - Automatically removes pespective distortion from an image.

  • UNROTATE - Automatically unrotates a rotated image and trims the surrounding border.

  • VINTAGE1 - Applies a a classic vintage effect to an image

  • DIAGCOLLAGE - Collages three images in a diagonal orientation.

  • DEFISHEYE - Corrects for fisheye distortion in an image.

  • EMBROIDERY - Applies an embroidery effect to each color in an image.

  • DOMINANTCOLOR - Computes the dominant color in an image.

  • OVERLAPCROP - Creates a sequence of cropped subsections permitting optional overlap of the subsections.

  • TRIMMER - Trims the background from any number of specified sides of an image.

  • outfit - use texture image onto image of clothing

  • splitcrop - split one image into many pieces

  • whiteboard - Processes a picture of a whiteboard to clean up the background and correct the perspective

  • postagestamp - convert image into stamp

  • glow - add glow effect

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